Increasing Cooperations of Policy Ministry of Science and Universities and Research Centers of China

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 12:28

Doctor Mohammad Farhadi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology, negotiated with Professor “Bai Chunli, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at the Ministry of Science.

According to Ana News Agency, Farhadi stated in this meeting: " Iran and China have good political and economic relations with each other and the policy of ministry of science is to enhance and amplify the cooperation with universities and research centers of China."

He notified:" exchanging  professors and scholars, granting the sabbatical, academic conferences and common research, and connecting  knowledge- based companies to science parks, are the titles of this cooperation.

He stressed on:" Iranian universities are notable universities in international and regional level, and we are interested in amplifing scientific communication, research and technology with China."

Professor Bai Chunli  emphasized on the importance of scientific cooperation between Iran and China and declared: " the Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities, research centers and its subsidiary companies have a high capacity for scientific cooperation with Iran."

He welcomed the discussion of exchanging professors and scholars between Iran and China and commented: " 19 doctoral scholars of Iran already have got scholarships from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and in case of accepting the traveling costs of scholars from Iran, we will increase the scholarships."

At the end of the meeting it was decided that a common working group of the parties compose and specify the field of cooperation in the form of a memorandum.



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