10th Int`l Conference on Promoting the Persian language

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 13:11

The 10th International Conference on the Promotion of the Persian Language and Literature opened on August 26,2015.


According to Mehr News Agency, the head of Mohaghegh Ardabili University, Goudarz Sadeghi stated his belief that the Persian language and literature has bridged and connected many countries together.

“The Persian language has also set the ground for integrating minorities in the country,” said Sadeghi about the importance of the language, also emphasizing that “the destruction and weakening of our national language would be a prelude to an attack on our country as a whole.”

He also pointed to the essential role of protecting Persian in the same way as the West has protected its own languages and stressed the importance of keeping the language up-to-date and protecting it from damage.

In conclusion, Sadeghi said, “As Iranians, it is our duty to protect our language regardless of the language we speak and even those who do not speak Persian have an obligation towards supporting the language.”

Various countries including Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India participated in this conference, in line with protecting and promoting the Persian Language and its literature.



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