Nourabad Mamasani IAU Builds Flying Robot

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 11:04

Alireza Monajati, the head of research office of Mamasani IAU, announced that a flying robot has been built in this branch. “This vertically-flying robot can be used in aerial maneuvers, rescue operations, and research activities,” he said.


According to Azad News Agency (ANA), Monajati stated that “the RoboCup team of Mamasani IAU has succeeded in building a six-engine robot which is capable of imaging, photography, autopiloting, among other activities.”

“Over the 2 years since its inception, the RoboCup team of Mamasani IAU has been successful and has made a presence for itself alongside Sharif University of Technology, Kazeroun, Abadeh, and Qazvin IAU at Robocup contests” added Monajati.



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