"Hide and Seek" Depicts Human Loneliness in Technology

Monday, November 16, 2015 - 23:24

Kamil Kotarba believes that mobile phones have changed our personal and social life forever. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives, no matter we are in street, on subway, in park, or at home.

In his ‘Hide and Seek’ album, the Polish photographer has creatively illustrated how mobile phones have negatively influenced the way we interact with other people. In his photographs, disconnected, bodiless arms and hands holding mobile phones can be seen everywhere, from a park bench to a restaurant dinner table, and even to classrooms and amphitheaters.

“A virtual world always competes with a real world. Instead of focusing on interaction with other people, we prefer to stare at a small mobile screen which constantly offers us new incentives. The incentives which we choose without any restrictions of space and time in which we are currently in”, says Kotarba on the inspiration behind this work of art.

In this way, Kotarba has clearly conveyed his artistic message: Smartphones not only have become a part of our lives, but also are taking the place of our real identities.

“It’s about presence and absence,” he says. “I’m asking what’s more attractive for you—the real or the virtual world?”

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