Exclusive Report : IAU Strongly Supports Its Sports Teams

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 00:49

The sports teams of Islamic Azad University have shown brilliant performances in several sports majors and competitions over the recent years. Coaches and athletes of these teams believe that IAU’s authorities have a key role in supporting them.

According to Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA), IAU’s athletes have, in particular, highly appreciated the ongoing attention and positive attitude of Dr. Hamid Miradeh, the president of IAU, and Mohamad Dadkan, IAU’s deputy minister of sports, toward sports.

In this regard, the head coaches and athletes of IAU’s water polo, basketball, karate, and fencing teams have officially expressed gratitude to IAU’s authorities in personal statements, on which ISCA News exclusively reports:

“IAU’s support for its sports teams has led to increased motivation among the players to persist in their practices”, said Alireza Shahidi Pour, the head coach of IAU’s water polo team.

“The basketball team has always benefited from IAU’s 100% support and we owe a lot to Mohamad Dadkan for this”, said Mostafa Hashemi, the head coach.

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mohamad Dadkan, Mohamad Reza Pahlevan, IAU’s general director of public sports, Mr. Abdolhosseini, the head coach of the national under-21 karate team, and Ahmad Safi, the head coach of IAU’s karate team, for their sincere help and cooperation,” said Miad Yari, member of IAU’s karate team who won the title of world champion recently.

“By attracting gifted players and also giving authority to the technical committee, IAU has provided great help to the morale, psychological well-being, and even technical prowess of IAU’s fencing team”, said Alireza Taher Khani, the head coach.


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