IAU Introduces Mechanical Products in 6th Int’l Festival of Inventors, Initiators, & Innovators

Friday, May 19, 2017 - 12:37

One of the main objectives of the “Economy of Resistance” is employing domestic forces and reducing dependence on foreign products,. Here is a look at how IAU is contributing to this end.

A productive economy relies on cutting-edge knowledge and students play an instrumental role as the source of many ideas, services and benefits in the economic, social and cultural arena. Producing high quality products and raising native workforce specialists are the key factors in developing the national economy. The Islamic Azad University encourages students to give back to the economy through holding the Festival of Inventors, Initiators, & Innovators, which was covered by ISCA.

IAU students’ mechanical inventions including a dual-mode multi-directional Robot (by Javad Zahedi), crushing device for disposable cups (by Shahab Khazali), solar thermosyphon stove and water heater (by Amin Tarabkhoah), dump truck safety alert system (by Abbass Valadi), pipeline total flow pressure measurement system (by Hadi Karegar-Sharifabad), biomass gas synthesis system (by Payam Hooshmand), walking mcro robot inspired by nature (by Hessamoddin Amirhosseini), multi-layer composite fiber-metal with memory alloy (by Masoud Khazaee), adjustable flat and ring spanner (by Rasoul Ghandaali), double combustion piston pump (by Javin Parsiavas), and a three-state mechanical wheelchair (by Hamed Moayeri Kashani) were presented in this festival.

The 6th International Festival of Inventors, Initiators, and Innovators was held in May, 3-5 in IAU Central Organization in order to create and nurture research, innovation and invention, mobility, national production and industrial development opportunities in all countries.

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