S & R IAU Holds Research and Technological Achievements Exhibition

Sunday, December 23, 2018 - 13:40

Science and Research Islamic Azad University has held an Exhibition on Research & Technological Achievements in order to be pioneer in domestic production and help “Resistance Economy”.

According to an ISCA report, as one of the notable branches of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research IAU has been active for more than 3 decades and gained many achievements in various fields of science and research.

There are many research centers in this university such as Plasma Physics Research Center, Energy and Environment Faculty, Sheikh Bahaei Research Center, Zakariya al-Razi Laboratory Complex, Cyber ​​Security Research Center, Water and Wastewater Laboratory, Center for Medical Consulting and Health Research and Biophotonic Applied Research Center, that gain many achievements in different fields.

Science and Research IAU students presented their significant achievements in the Exhibition on Research & Technological Achievements held in this branch. Some of these inventions and patents could attract world’s attention so their inventors have been invited to cooperate with world's most valuable brands like Apple.

Robot-assisted surgery, blood warmer device, nerve testing device and tube segment opener which offers a considerable improvement for cross-matching laboratory safety and hygiene, monitoring babies’ vital signs device, microalgae-based oxygen production air purifiers and gas leak detector were some of the patents demonstrated in this exhibition.


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