Dr. Bijan Ranjbar

IAU Venture Capital Fund to Begin Its Activities

Sunday, December 30, 2018 - 14:23

The research and technology deputy of Islamic Azad University has announced on beginning IAU venture capital fund in two weeks.

According to an ANA report, Dr. Bijan Ranjbar stated that Azad Payesh Plan, which is referring to an Effective Unified Research Network, has been run in order to change the approach of academic thesis into an effective problem solving one.

He noted that Azad Payesh Plan has transformed the university's relationship with other organizations and systems. Previously, professors defined issues for students’ thesis, which had no connection with the country’s challenges, but Payesh could change that process into an effective one.

Dr. Ranjbar declared that Payesh aims at being pioneer in one of the most important challenges of the country in order to solve the problem and improve the situation.

Venture capital funds are investment funds that manage the money of investors who seek private equity stakes in startup and small- to medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential. As he finally added, IAU venture capital fund will begin its activities to support startups and knowledge-based products in two weeks.


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