Deputy of IAU’s Medical Sciences:

IAU Owning Great Quota in the Country’s Scientific Growth

Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 14:04

The head of Islamic Azad University Medical Branch stated that IAU has a considerable quota in science production and meeting educational needs of the country.

According to an ANA report, Dr. Seyed Ali Abtahi spoke of people’s support form Islamic Republic of Iran and stated that officials must make their attempts in line with solving people’s problems.

Dr. Abtahi said that “Fereshtegan” IAU, that will provide services for students with disabilities, specially deaf and hard of hearing students, can prove that IAU is pioneer in educating deaf and blind students.

As he noted, IAU plays a significant role in promoting the country in the field of science and education, also owns a considerable quota in producing science.

Dr. Abtahi finally stated that the victory of Islamic Revolution could lead to the country’s academic and scientific independence and Islamic Azad University is a prominent example of this prosperity and self-reliance.


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