Varamin IAU Researcher Creates 1st Graphene Switch in the Country

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 14:57

Researchers from Varamin Islamic Azad University have designed and created the first “Graphene Switch” which can be applied in very high frequency (terahertz).

According to an ISCA report, Zeynab Ramezani, electrical engineering professor in Varamin IAU, carried out a research, with the title of “Gated graphene island-enabled tunable charge transfer plasmon terahertz metamodulator,” which has been published on Nanoscale scientific journal.

Based on the article, Graphene-enhanced optoelectronic terahertz (THz) signal processing offers an exquisite potential for tailoring extreme-subwavelength platforms to develop tunable and highly-responsive photonic tools.

In this study, the researcher proposed a hybrid graphene island-mediated THz metadevice to support tunable charge transfer plasmon (CTP) resonances. She showed that bias variations in the gated graphene significantly change the metadevice transmittance at the CTP frequency, while the capacitive dipolar mode remains unchanged.

Her numerical and experimental studies show that tuning the conductivity of the graphene islands between a cluster of metallic blocks provides an active and exotic control over the charge transition across the assembly.

To experimentally prove the viability of her concept in a practical photonic application, she utilized the presented tunable system as a high modulation-depth THz modulator. This enabled her to facilitate a THz modulation speed of 19 μs and 21 μs for rising and falling durations, respectively, with a modulation depth of 72%.


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