Creating Effective SEO Content

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 12:12

“SEO” refers to search engine optimization, or the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it via search engines.

The first step in any SEO content strategy is topic ideation. The process begins with keyword research – analyze and inspect keywords or topics that are relevant to your brand.

A content marketing strategy starts with the target audience and dives deeper into understanding a brand’s expertise and unique value proposition. Keyword research is great at uncovering how people talk about topics relevant to the brand, but it is limiting when it comes to audience understanding.

A content strategy is a holistic plan that tackles questions like; who is my audience? What are their pain points and needs? Or what types of content do these people want to consume?

Content layering basically means that you layer your content in regards to their topics. You “layer” your middle-of-the-funnel content (content that gives specific solutions to a particular query) above your bottom-of-the-funnel content (your converting/landing pages) through internal linking.

Aside from studying the prospective outreachtargets, we will have to examine our link opportunities. A simple approach would be to create something better than what is currently ranking or more commonly known as the skyscraper technique, a system for turning content into high quality backlinks. We create better content than what’s ranking, then reach out to the people that linked to the original content.

Aside from creating new content, our comprehensive SEO content strategy also includes updating existing content or pages – which is easier than starting over to create something new. For example, you can add a video to long-form guides which can add value and linkability to the page. Precisely, SEO content strategy includes:

Easier Topics:

Judge topics by their search volume, traffic value, and keyword difficulty.

Another option is to manually find easier topics through search results that show low authority sites.

Content Layering and Internal Links:

Through proper content layering and organized link structures, your bottom-funnel content can benefit from shared link equity, improved domain and site authority, and more link acquisitions.


Determine potential outreach prospects through keyword search volume, unique domains that link to top results, and the types of pages.

Use the skyscraper technique to have more link opportunities.

Updating Content:

Upgrade your existing content

Repurpose existing pages into something more “link worthy”

Keep in mind that search engine optimization takes time to work its magic. You won’t experience the benefits of SEO overnight. In fact, it may take months to enjoy the results of your hard work. However, following SEO best practices by creating quality content that’s focused on helping your human visitors is the best way to build a sustainable online business that will continue to bring in new organic site traffic for years to come.


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