Text Comparison Tools Checking Uniqueness of Submitted Works

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 10:16

A professor of Tarbiat Modares University has stated that reliable text comparison tools are considered as an effective way to check the quality and uniqueness of submitted work by students.

According to an ISCA report, technology has been both a miracle and a curse in terms of plagiarism. No doubt, it has become easier to find the required information and copy it. Since people often do that without attribution, it has also become easier to identify and deal with plagiarism.

In his interview with Azad News Agency, Mohammad Ali Aghaei said that besides illegal centers selling essays to students, online selling dissertation are working actively but monitoring them is needing much effort or skill to be accomplished.

As he noted, text comparison tools are considered as an effective way to compare web pages or text side-by-side. Know exactly what has been changed, paraphrased, or copied between two textual documents. Such diff tools allow you to see the similarity in files quickly and easily.

Plagiarism definition is actually straightforward. When you use someone else’s work without crediting them, it is seen as stealing their intellectual property, so checker tools can search billions of documents, and find matches even if they are only a few words in length, finding plagiarism has become as easy as detecting information in Google.

It is now only a matter of merely processing your query and giving you the results. Plagiarism software checks sentence one by one on various search engines comparing it with already indexed content.


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