Iranian Elites Win KfW Entrepreneurs’ Award 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 10:12

Iranian elites, Hamed Beheshti and Ali Al-Hakim, have designed a unique solar desalination system and won the national winner of the KfW Entrepreneurs’ Award 2019 for this achievement as well as winner of the KfW Entrepreneurs’ Award 2019 in the “people’s choice”.

According to the KfW report, Hamed Beheshti and Ali Al-Hakim could develop a system that can be connected to existing sources and has the ability to provide the population with an affordable water supply.

“The solar panel generates electricity for the pump. This conveys brackish water or saltwater from available sources, which could be wells, lakes or the sea. It passes through different filters depending on the type of water. In the end, we can extract drinking water that we sell at a very reasonable price,” they explained.

The company’s chemical-free systems are housed on location in a permanent building they call the WaterKiosk. After treatment, the remaining salty water can be supplied free of charge for showers, toilets and for washing laundry. In many places, agriculture and fish farming develop around the kiosk.

Together with the residents, large tanks are constructed and an oxygen pump is connected to the WaterKiosk. This is all that needs to be done for setting up productive fish farming. The laid pipes are also suitable for vertical farming, also known as multilevel cultivation, of cucumbers, tomatoes and beans. The rest of the water can also be used for a field supplied with drip irrigation.

A growing number of people are experiencing increasing water scarcity due to climate change, so these researchers’ objective is to be able to provide over half a million people with clean drinking water by the end of 2020.


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