Farmers to Beat Climate Change Smart Seed

Saturday, December 28, 2019 - 15:34

Researchers from Britain's Brunel University in London have developed the artificial intelligence soil monitoring system, or smart seed, to save time and water, as well as cut waste.

According to the Yahoo News report, Brunel University engineers unveiled the artificial intelligence soil monitoring system which can save time and water, as well as cut waste.

"Magic bean is a wireless device that has a battery and uses the sensor to collect data from the soil and then it sends this data every hour to the server and then for the rest of the day it's just sleeping," said electronic engineer researcher Lorenzo Cucurachi who helped develop the technology.

The electronic Engineer Dr. Tatiana Kalganova says the aim is to make the product affordable for global use, "Making sure that when we designed the 'magic bean', it was as cheap as possible, but we were not losing on the quality of signals, on the quality of data we were receiving and all of the data will be stored in the cloud for further analysis."

Farmers will be able to check the data collected via a website or app and then see what the soil needs and where, allowing them to save time and resources.

The pod is being used by several farmers in the south west of England with plans to also work with farmers in India.


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