SID Announces Iran Top 10 Scientific Journals

SID Announces Iran Top 10 Scientific Journals شنبه 21 اردیبهشت 1398 - 14:28

The Scientific Information Database (SID) has recently published top 10 medical scientific journals based on impact factor.

Important Titles

Ardabil IAU to Launch Hospitality & Tourism Management Graduate School

The head of Ardabil Province Islamic Azad University has stated that due to the numerous numbers of hotels (more than 150) in Sarein, Ardabil IAU has decided to run an educational hotel in a form of a graduate school.

Call for Entries: 2019 UNESCO Innovation Award Ceremony

An expert of UNESCO Chair on e-Learning and Teaching in Iran has announced that June 21 is the deadline for enthusiasts to submit and send their educational videos to participate in Innovation Award Ceremony.

Science & Research IAU to Hold AI Summit On Architecture

A faculty member of Science and Research Islamic Azad University has announced on holding Architecture and Urbanism Conference with the focus on Artificial Intelligence.

More Information about SINA Academic Festival

SINA Academic Festival celebrates students’ accomplishments and provides a great platform for them to showcase their talents and insightful scientific researches.

IAU Most Significant Priority is Religious and Cultural Promotion: Dr. Velayati

The Council Meeting of Kerman Islamic Azad University has been held with the presence of the head of IAU board of founders and trustees, representative of Kerman province in Islamic Consultative Assembly and the head of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.

MBTechLab Launched in Iran University of Medical Sciences

The major of clinical nutrition and the Research Center for Micro Bio Technology Lab have been launched in Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Hazhar Zaheri

IAU Strongly Condemns Designation of IRGC as Terrorist Organization / In Photos

The Trump administration announced that the U.S. is officially designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. Following the U.S. announcement, IAU officials and members strongly condemned the US move and don IRGC uniforms as show of support.

Dr. Masoud Boroomand:

Iranian Researchers Produce 3% of World’s Top Articles

Iran’s Deputy Minister for Research and Technology has stated that Iran ranks first in science production among Islamic countries , also Iranian researchers produce 3% of the world’s top articles.

Head of Shiraz IAU:

Shiraz IAU to Launch Technical Engineering Graduate School

The head of Shiraz Islamic Azad University has announced that the university is planning to open a technical engineering graduate school to provide a platform for students to learn skills technically.

IAU President Issues Comprehensive Set of Rules for Foreign Students Admission

President of Islamic Azad University has issued comprehensive set of rules for non-Iranian students' attraction and admission.

Dr. Ranjbar:

IAU Professors Explaining Islamic Revolution Achievements Scientifically

The Research, Technology and Higher Education deputy of Islamic Azad University has stated that IAU professors are explaining achievements of Islamic Revolution scientifically.

Varamin IAU Focuses on Post-Harvest Agricultural-Waste

The head of Varamin Islamic Azad University has announced that the university has been focusing on one of the great challenges of Ministry of Agriculture Jihad in the field of agricultural wastes left after harvesting the crops.

Video Game Development School to be Launched in Qazvin IAU

The head of Qazvin Islamic Azad University stated that running school of computer game design, which is considered as a center for developing animation, is the university’s next year's program.

Details on Running Int’l College for the Deaf

Islamic Azad University Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus will begin its activities in 2019-2020 academic year.

Amirkabir University of Technology to Hold "Zero-Waste Campus" Contest

Amirkabir University of Technology will hold "Zero-Waste Campus" contest for the first time among Iranian universities on March 13, 2019.

Ardabil IAU Knowledge-based Products Launched in the Market

Head of Ardabil Islamic Azad University stated that the university has applied static capital to develop knowledge-based products.

The 1st Graduate School of Nanotechnology to be Run in Tehran

Deputy of Skill and Public Education of Islamic Azad University has announced on running the first graduate school of nanotechnology in Tehran Province.

Central Tehran IAU Runs 1st CBE & Creativity School

Head of Central Tehran IAU Office of University/Industry Relations has stated that Competency-based Education (CBE) and Creativity School began its activities in technology centers.

IAU Faculty Members Admission to be Announced In Spring

Islamic Azad University will publish the second recall on admitting faculty members in spring 2019 (1398).

Dr. Mojtaba Sedighi:

100 Thousand Students Benefit Health Monitoring Plan

Head of the Student Affairs Organization at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has stated that almost 100 thousand students will receive advantages of the Health Monitoring Plan.

Head of Aliabad-e Katul IAU:

Almost 1200 Articles Sent to IAU Nano Festival

The head of Aliabad-e Katul Islamic Azad University has announced that over a thousand and two hundred articles have been sent to the secretariat of the 4th Festival on Nanotechnology 2019.

IAU, Astan Quds Razavi, Qom Seminary Ink MoU

Islamic Azad University, Astan Quds Razavi and Qom Seminary have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Dr. Ali Meghdari:

IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) Int’l Campus Designed based on the Latest Standard

The responsible for running IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus has announced on standardizing physical environment of this unit.

IAU to Run Center for the Study of Islamic-Iranian Civilization

The head of IAU Institute of Social Sciences and Islamic Revolution stated that a Center for the Study of Islam and Iran Civilization with cultural, civilization and identity approaches will be launched in Islamic Azad University.

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