About Us

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Iran Student Correspondents Association is a public and non-governmental organization affiliated with Islamic Azad University, and is approved by IAU’s board of trustees. ISCA News Agency was founded in 2004. Following recent and radical changes in management, this organization has revised and restarted its activities in order to expand collaboration among the academia and other cultural, political, economic, and social spheres. Iran Student Correspondents Association is an Islamic-Iranian scientific organization which abides by the laws, goals and tenets of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has the structure of a standard non-governmental organization. The personnel of the organization follow strict ethics and aim to be responsible, effective, creative, hardworking, self-confident and to maintain a constant sense of team-work. The policies, targets, and priorities of ISCA News Agency are in line with expanding media activity in order to enlighten public opinion and provide analytical, progressive perspectives towards the affairs of and the world, publishing reliable, authentic news rapidly, focusing on the needs and demands of readers and also creating trust with the media and target audience, while maintaining honesty and integrity in publishing news.