IAU Research and Education Directorates to Be Integrated

The research and technology deputy of Islamic Azad University stated that IAU Research and Education Directorate integration has been one of the most important structural changes in IAU Central Organization.

IAU to Have a Deadline Extension for Faculty Member’s Admission

Islamic Azad University, deputy of higher education has announced on beginning the second phase of admitting faculty members in February 2019.

IAU to Run Job Skills Program for Undergraduate Students

The head of West-Tehran IAU has stated that the university is planning to run Upgrade Job Skills Program in order to develop their existing skillsets and improve them.

IAU Deputy of Research and Technology:

IAU Offers Top-Ranked Programs for RoboCup Winners

The IAU Deputy of Research and Technology has announced that winners of the 2nd edition of an international robotics competition, known as RoboCup Asia-Pacific, can study in the university without participating in the entrance exam.

Sari IAU Incubator Inspiring Other Branches

The research deputy of Sari IAU has stated that the university’s incubator focuses on producing information technology contents.

IAU Presents Knowledge-Based Products at 1st Technomarket

The first technomarket of Islamic Azad University, with a focus on medical equipment, has been held in permanent exhibition of knowledge-based products in IAU Central Organization.

Energy & Material Science Festival Aims at Commercializing Thesis

The closing ceremony of Energy and Material Science Festival, hosted by Islamic Azad University, has been held in South-Tehran IAU.

The Head of South Tehran IAU:

South Tehran IAU to Follow Problem-Solving Approach in Energy & Material

The head of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran branch, has announced that the university will be active in the field of energy and material.

Qeshm Island to Attract Petrochem Interest

Four plants with 6-million-ton annual production will be run in Qeshm, the largest island in the Persian Gulf.

The Head of Qazvin IAU:

Robotic Products to Boost Revenue for the University

The head of Qazvin Islamic Azad University has stated that providing high quality education as well as commercializing knowledge-based products will lead to the university revenue enhancement.

The Role of Students' Union in Universities

Student union is a building on a college campus that is devoted to student activities and that usually contains lounges, auditoriums, offices, and game rooms.

Islamic-Iranian Art University Implements Its Roadmap

The acting head of University of Iranian-Islamic Art has announced that the strategic roadmap of the university has been developed.

The Role of Young Faculty Members in Making Significant Scientific Progress

Faculty members play a significant role in making scientific progress and major advancements in universities.

The General Directorate of IAU Alumni Affairs Office:

IAU Comprehensive System Could Pave the Way to Make Revenue

The general directorate of Islamic Azad University Alumni Office has stated that running a comprehensive system would cut expenses in issuing certificates.

Dr. Hassan Bolkhari:

Iranian-Islamic Art Professors Are Among Wise Ones

The head of Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries has stated that professors of Iranian-Islamic Art University will be selected among wise ones.

Dr. Jamshid Sabaghzadeh:

Forming Scientific Poles Will Help IAU to Achieving Its 2024 Outlook

The former head of IAU Central Research Institute has stated that IAU acting president’s approach is to apply all the university’s potential to solve the academic and scientific society’s problems.

In Order to Fulfill IAU 1404 Outlook

IAU Should Become a Problem Solving University

The head of Young Researchers and Elite Club of Islamic Azad University has stated that the university must focus on the country's main problems and use its potential through following a problem-solving approach.

On the Opening Ceremony of Farshchian Islamic Art University

Farshchian: I’m Working Continuously to Keep Iranian Art Alive

The opening ceremony of the University of Iranian-Islamic Art named after the master of Persian miniature Mahmud Farshchian was held in Tehran on October 22, 2018.

Farshchian Iranian-Islamic Art University Opened in Tehran

A university of Iranian-Islamic Art named after the master of Persian miniature Mahmud Farshchian has been unveiled in Tehran on October 22.

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