AI Spots 7,000 Undiscovered Craters on the Moon

Researchers have developed a piece of computer software that was able to uncover almost 7,000 previously undiscovered craters in a matter of hours.

Sufian IAU Student Designs Smart Deice Growing Plants

A computer student from Sufiam Islamic Azad University has designed and made a smart device for growing plants.

Staying Active Slows Down Aging, Study Finds

Researchers from the University of Birmingham and King's College London have found that a lifetime of regular exercise could slow down aging.

S & R IAU Student Develops Smart Glass with Control of Light Absorption

A student of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch has developed eco-friendly smart glass technology with the ability of controlling light absorption.

Stephen Hawking, an Award-Winning Physicist and Influential Author Dies Aged 76

Professor Stephen William Hawking, the renowned British physicist and author of A Brief History of Time, has died at his home in Cambridge aged 76.

Ayatollah Amoli IAU Faculty Member Develops Approach For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

A faculty member from Ayatollah Amoli Islamic Azad University has investigated the development of a graphene oxide/chitosan nanocomposite for the removal of picric acid from aqueous solutions: Study of sorption parameters.

Researchers Create a Device Collecting Energy From Sunlight & Raindrops

Researchers, Yuqiang Liu et al., at Soochow University in China, have designed a device that harvests solar energy in sunny conditions and the mechanical energy of falling raindrops in rainy conditions.

Startup to Apply AI to Improve Workplace Communication

Startup founder Nancy Lublin has founded, with the intention of helping managers at companies tackle difficult conversations.

Iranian Scientists Design Smart Shoes for Diabetic Patients

Researchers from Tarbiat Modares University have designed smart shoes for changing the walking patterns of patients suffering from diabetes.

Iranian Researchers Create Smart Anti-Corrosion Self-Healing Zinc

Researchers from Sahand University of Technology have investigated the smart anti-corrosion self-healing zinc metal-based molybdate functionalized-mesoporous-silica (MCM-41) nanocomposite coatings.

Iranian Researcher Develops Anticancer Nanocarriers Using Propolis Wax

Researchers from Isfahan University of Technology have developed functional nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) using beeswax (BW), propolis wax (PW) and pomegranate seed oil (PSO).

Iranian Researcher Applies Carbon Fiber Waste to Improve Water-Draining Concrete

An Iranian researcher Somayeh Nassiri in cooperation with Karl Englund at Washington State University have used an inexpensive mechanical milling technique to grind up scrap carbon fiber provided by Boeing.

Researchers Develop Human-in-the-Loop Optimization of Hip Assistance with a Soft Exosuit During Walking

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied and Sciences (SEAS) and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have developed an efficient machine-learning algorithm that can do that work quickly.

Mobile World Congress 2018 Kicked Off in Barcelona

The 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) officially kicked off in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday and the tech companies launch a slew of new phones, laptops and wearables.

Iranian Researcher Discovers Squid Skin Could be the Solution to Camouflage Material

An Iranian researcher, Leila Deravi, assistant professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Northeastern, has discovered that the chromatophore organs, which appear as hundreds of multi-colored freckles on the surface of a cephalopod’s body, contribute to fast changes in skin color.

Iranian Researcher Creates Respiratory-Driven, Non-Surgical Artificial Larynx

Scientists at the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University have tested a non-invasive artificial larynx and found it capable of generating a high-quality voice.

Researchers Develop "Happy Suit" for Astronauts

An Iranian researcher in accompany with researchers from Florida Polytechnic University are developing a "happy suit" in order to protect astronauts from the psychologically harrowing effects of space travel.

Iranian Researcher Makes Snake-Inspired Robot

Ahmad Rafsanjani, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University has developed robots with deformable scaly skin that can move like snakes.

Iranian Researchers Make Antimicrobial Nanocomposites from Shrimp Shells

Iranian researchers have made nanocomposites based on Chitosan nanoparticle by using shrimp shells which can be applied in food, cosmetics and healthcare industries.

Two Different Brain Systems Cooperate in Learning Process

Researchers have found out that two different brain systems work cooperatively in learning process and focused on the interplay of two very different modes of learning a new task: reinforcement learning and working memory.

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