Robocup, the Greatest Event of the Middle East

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 12:34

The greatest international competition of Robocup 2015, will be started by the presence of Doctor Sattari, deputy of science and technology of Islamic president, and professor Mirzade, the president of Islamic Azad University.

13940118112415 According to Wikipedia, Robocup is an annual international robotics competition founded in 1997.the aim is to promote robotics, by offering a publicly appealing, by formidable challenge. The name Robocup is a contraction of the competition’s full name, “ Robot Soccer World Cup”, but there are other stages of the compition such as “ Robocup Rescue”, “ Robocup @home”, and “ Robocup Junior”. It is worth noting that, the 10th round of Robocup international competition 2015, is going to be held from 7th till 10th of April, ( 18 – 21 Farvardin) in students section and colleagues section, hosted by Islamic Azad University of Qazvin and Iran’s Robocup national community. This competition is supported by Iran’s international exhibition company, Iran’s organization of trade promotion, the president’s deputy of science and technology, the vice chancellor for research of Islamic Azad University, Iran’s Saderat bank, Qazvin’s county, Pasargard bank, Tehran’s Municipality, the Wagon’s company, Mellat bank, Qazvin’s municipality, Mashhad municipality, AzadiParsian hotel, Digikala company, Iran’s Melli bank, Iran’s electronic industry’s company, Café Bazar (the online market), and Rahnama company. The opening ceremony will be begun at 9a.m.



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