Best Intelligent Robot Award goes to Islamic Azad University of Parand

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 13:17

ISCANEWS: The robotic team of Islamic Azad University of Parand could receive “the best intelligent robot” award in the league of minesweepers, average level, in tenth International RoboCup Competitions of Iran.


The Vice President of Research and Technology of Islamic Azad University stated about this: “minesweeper robots have been invented with special features in order to explore the mine remnants of war and also decrease human casualties. Some of these features are automatic function, locating the exact site of mine and declare it to the detector module and magnetic sensors, and the ability of finding out the obstacles by sensors”.He also pointed: “the international competition of Robocup of Iran provides efficient opportunities for presenting capabilities, sharing experiences of the participants, and encouraging the students. Also it can be an effective step in developing Robotic Science and being prepared to be successful in international competitions.”



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