Sanandaj student received the golden medal of Geneva Inventions and Innovations Festival

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 11:38

ISCANEWS: A creative student of Sanandaj Islamic Azad University won golden medal of forty- third Festival of Inventions and Innovations, Geneva, Switzerland.


Based on ANA report, Amanj Mazharpour, Fluid Mechanics undergraduate student of Sanandaj Islamic Azad University, was able to receive the golden medal in an especial section and as the top inventor of this festival.

He said: “Iran Inventions Federation usually send needed documents to different festivals such as Geneva, Switzerland, Frankfurt, Germany, Tokyo, Japan, Dubai and Kuwait based on an agreement and specific types of inventions and discoveries. Luckily, my invention, as an optical power protection sensor which is simply placed inside the household power outlet and prevents the risk of electrocution and firing, was chosen to be in second round, among one hundred participated inventions.”

He also announced that his research project about converting municipal solid waste into electricity will be completed and applied in near future.



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