Fashion Festival in Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 13:07

The head of Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch has announced about holding fashion festival in this university. According to Mehr reporter, Ahmad Shams, the chief of Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch, noted that we are determined to move toward the different aspects and field of Islamic Azad University’s goals due to the great changes have been done in the new era headed by Mr. Mirzadeh.


He pointed to the carried out activities in this department and clarified: “during the last year we performed three perdurable cultural projects in the title of students’ poetry and posters and fashion and clothing festival will be held this year.”

He also notified that Islamic Azad University has been doing its efforts in developing knowledge based companies and paying particular attention to knowledge based activities so these are the reasons of establishing equipped knowledge based companies by this university.



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