Creating a Small Robot to Crass Swampy Area

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 13:07

A small robot named Robo Spire which uses a new mechanism to move is invented by the students of International University of Qazvin. Hamid Firouz and Rouzbe heidari, the undergraduate students of Electrical Power in International University of Qazvin, designed a robot which has no foreign sample.

635662617617089988 As Hamid Firouz mentioned, its dynamic mechanism gives the ability of walking on various surfaces. This robot is able to pass across from the rocky and rough surfaces and also passing through wet or icy places or even areas covered by plants. This invention has many applications in agricultural and military industry and can be used as rescuer in difficult situations such as storm or earthquake. As the technical specifications we can say that, this robot has two motors and its weigh is about two kg. It can also be controlled by cell phones or other devices equipped with Bluetooth.



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