Transferring Anti-cancer Drug to the Tumors by Magnetic Field

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 12:40

The researchers of Tbriz Medical Sciences University have been succeeding to create Nano-carriers anti- lung cancer drug which is able to transfer the drugs to the tumor by the help of an external magnetic field.


According to ANA news agency and based on Nano Public Relations, modified magnetic Nano particles in accompany with biodegradable copolymers are known as the best strategies in smart and controlled transferring of drugs to the target tissue in order to teat cancers.

In this project, the researchers have been investigating the using of Nano particles as Nano carrier hydrophilic cisplatin drug and comparing its effects on anti-cancer effect of this drug with its free state.

The result of this research has been carried out by Doctor Abolfazl Akbarzade, Doctor Soudabe Davaran, Doctor Morteza Milani, and faculty of Tbriz Medical Sciences University, Mr. Kazem Nejati, and Other colleagues.



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