Iranian President Will Open the Research and Technology Exhibition of Islamic Azad University

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 11:46

Dr. Davoud Samari reported about opening the Research & Technology Exhibition by president of Islamic Republic of Iran on 29th of Ordibehesht ( May 19th )  and stated: " this exhibition will be opened on the occasion of the thirty third anniversary of Islamic Azad University’s creation."

General Manager of technology development and relations of Islamic Azad University stated to Ana’s reporter about the Science and Technology Exhibition: "this exhibition will be opened on the occasion of the thirty-third anniversary of the Islamic Azad University’s creation and this the first  Product-Centric Exhibition."

Samari continued his statement: "the scientific products which are ready to Commercialization or some of them are from the commercial business, will be demonstrated and introduced in this exhibition. There are also products that require the sponsor and financial support for application which also will be introduced in other sections. There is no article or thesis in this exhibition and it only focused on products."

He declared:" it is expected that more than 100 academic units will offer their products at this exhibition, and also nearly 200 products will be offered by these units."

General manager also reported about the holding of the second festival of elites on  anniversary of Islamic Azad University’s creation on 31st of Ordibehesht and commented: "we intend to introduce the researchers and elites of universities on this festival and it is supposed to appreciate only  scientific achievements of Azad University."



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