Manufacturing Smart Sun Finder by Bardsir Islamic Azad University

Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 13:58

ANA reports that Thermal and Cryogenic Installations Engineering student of Islamic Azad University of Bardsir became successful in making Smart Sun Finder for the first time in Iran.

635670253173935478 Mohammadreza Salaari knows this device as an essential tool in increasing the efficiency of solar powers and said: “solar power plants are devices and equipments which change sunlight into electricity and provide power requirements for homes, offices, buildings, streets, etc.” This student has emphasized on this issue that most of solar cells are fixed stably and stated: “this device is based on information processing and astronomical clock which can assess the geographical coordination of sun and adjust solar cells with efficiency up to one hundred percent in the best sun radiation mode.” He clarified that : “ this device has been planned based on astronomical clock for 100 years and is able to check the sun movements in order to set the best angel of sunlight so required information has being transferred to the solar rotary engines.”



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