Creating Nano Structured Implants against Corrosion in Sahand Technology University, Tabriz

Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 13:58

Researchers of  Technology University of Sahand, Tabriz, produced Nano structures in order to be used in implantable metallic materialism of body.

635671059722652106 According to ANA report and based on Nano Public Relations, the corrosion behavior of metallic biomaterials has strong association with human biodegradation implantable medical metal so this subject is essential to be investigated.

Hossein Maleki-ghaale, Master of Materials Engineering in Sahand University, stated that 316L stainless steel has a special place in creating metallic implants. Toxic metal is a reason of releasing ions such as nickel and chromium which is leading to allergies and infections in body. The customized steel in this project is about the average size of 78nm and based on the results, the resistance of Steel 316L corrosion has been four times more than its microstructure.

This investigation has been done by Hossein Maleki-ghale, Master of Materials Engineering in Sahand University, Doctor Mohammad Hossein Fathi, a faculty member of Isfahan Technology University and his colleagues.



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