The First Technological Product-Centric Exhibition of Islamic Azad University

Monday, May 18, 2015 - 12:42


According to ANA report, Doctor Davoud Samari, Head of Technology Development and Industrial Relation of Islamic Azad University, announced about holding Educators Festival at the same time of Islamic Azad University anniversary and declared that scholars from 31 branches of Islamic Azad University will participate and also display more than 200 of their technological products in this festival.

Doctor Davoud Samari explained about a major difference of this exhibition and clarified that the products are business-based and available in  the markets as well so the capabilities of Islamic Azad University can be assessed in this place.

AzadExpo, an especial web site for trading technological products of Islamic Azad University, will be revealed in this festival so applicants are able to select and buy what they need.



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