Great Progress in Pediatric Surgery in Iran

Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 13:57

ISCA NEWS: according to Iran Daily report, the 23rd Congress of Iranian Society of Pediatric Surgeons with focus on neonatal surgery and surgical care of newborn was held at Tehran`s Razi Congress Hall during May 16-20.

image_650_365 Bahar Ashjaei, a faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and secretary of the annual event, said: “Sixty articles on topics, including surgeries of newborns with congenital birth defects, surgeries for acquired diseases of premature infants, surgeries to correct developmental anomalies in neonates and the role of post-surgery nursing and incentive care services to improve the health status of newborns were presented at the event by the participants”. She stated that: “The prompt diagnosis of prenatal growth deficiencies was not possible in the past due to lack of medical progress and facilities. This increased the rate of birth defects and mothers with stillborn infants". She also explained that: “specialists can operate on babies in the womb to diagnose and treat deficiencies, including disorders of nervous, digestive and urinary systems, which could increase the risk of stillbirth and defects, in case they remain untreated.” She continued: “Hirschsprung’s disease affects the nervous system in abdomen and leads to digestive problems in children. In the past, Iranian surgeons had to perform consecutive surgeries on the patients, which were accompanied with bleeding," She appreciated these events and declared: "Today, such a disorder is removed through only one surgery and without any cut and bleeding, thanks to Iran`s great achievements in medical sciences."



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