The Great welcoming of Persian language by the Largest Private University in Russia

Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 13:57

According to IRNA, Doctor Ahmadreza Elahi, the Director of Iranian Culture and Persian Language of the largest private university in Russia, has announced about students’ great interest in learning Persian Language and being familiar with Iranian culture.


Doctor Ahmadreza Elahi in an interview with IRNA noted: “although the Iranian Culture and Persian Language center of Rosnou has been started running recently but the first group of Russian students who have been admitted to study Persian Language, greatly show their interests toward it.”

He also appreciates Mehdi Sanaee, the Iranian Ambassador in Moscow, due to his great efforts in providing textbooks, educational pamphlets, CDs, and technical equipments for this university.

He also continues: “according to the memorandum between Rosnou and Islamic Azad University, Russian students for short-term training courses will be sent to Iran.”

He notified that: “in order to develop and expand political, cultural, scientific, academic, business and tourism relationship between Iran and Russia, an essential factor is necessary and that is the recognition of two countries from each other.” Rosnou University is the largest private university including 25 thousands students from Russia and 45 other countries. There are 10 branches of this university in Russia and about 30 Iranian students have been studying there.



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