Financial Supports Up to Three and Six Million Toman for Research Projects of Scholars

Sunday, May 24, 2015 - 11:23

Deputy of Research and Technology of the Islamic Azad University stated: "the subjects of research and thesis of supplementary education are defined by regional and local needs ".


According to Ana, Dr. Ibrahim Vasheghani Farahani stated about conformity of supplementary education with society’s challenge and declared: " It was imparted to all units in strategic document of university which the subject of research and thesis of supplementary education is defined by regional, local and country’s macro needs."

He notified: " Of course, another important topic is the doctoral thesis which includes international developments and also the innovation for PhD projects."

Vasheghani also stated:" we emphasize on the PhD projects and its interaction with private sections, organizations and executive agencies and also pay attention to their needs and try to respond them."

Vasheghani stated about the Islamic Azad University’s supports of scholars’ researches and thesis and commented: Islamic Azad University  financialy supports the research projects up to 3 million Toman for master’s degree scholars and  6 million Toman for doctoral scholars."



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