Second Rank of Iran in Region in Science Production

Monday, May 25, 2015 - 12:09

brand1.5 percent of scientific documentations available in the ISI belong to Iran, putting the country in the 2nd and 22nd place respectively in the Middle East and the world in 2014, Information Sciences Institute (ISI) data showed, ISNA, (Iranian Students’ News Agency) wrote. According to this news, Turkey whose ISI share hits 1.68 percent stood in the first place in the Middle east and 18th in the world. Statistics show that Iran published 30.348 scientific documents which include 1.49 percent of the world’s scientific documents. Iran published 1830 documents on social sciences and 182 cases for human sciences and art. 26.817 cases were articles, 1.253 were abstracts, 244 cases were editorials, 120 were corrections, 34 were book reviews and 25 were book chapters, biography and news. The US, China, Germany, the UK and Japan are respectively the top five countries in ISI.



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