To Sign cooperation agreement between Islamic Azad University and Institution of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Monday, June 1, 2015 - 12:30

According to ISCA News report, a cooperation agreement has been signed between Islamic Azad University and institution of chemistry and chemical engineering with the aim of using educational abilities and capabilities, and their technological equipments in order to develop knowledge based business.

635686755054914984_b Doctor Mirzadeh, president of Islamic Azad University, Doctor Omidkhah, chief of institution of chemistry and chemical engineering, Doctor Vasheghaani, vice president of research and technological section of the university, and some other managers and directors participated in this meeting. Doctor Mirzadeh expressed his satisfaction and declared that: “this is one of the most prominent and advanced research institutions in the country.” He also pointed to the Islamic Azad University Laboratories Net work and declared:” there are about 11000 workshops and laboratories in this university which base on this issue a network is designed for students of different universities to present their educational and experimental services.”



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