Garmsar IAU Ready to Produce Smart Petrol Pump/generator

Friday, June 19, 2015 - 00:35

Two faculty members of Islamic Azad University, Garmsar branch, Dr. Reza Razzaghi and Dr. Omid Farhangian and student Davoud Rastegar, have succeeded in inventing a Smart Engine Petrol Pump with the ability of producing electricity in order to improve and facilitate the process of gardening and watering crops. The device will primarily be of use to farmers.

635701474042848294 In an interview with ANA News Agency, Dr. Razzaghi stated: “most of the farm lands and fruit gardens have been facing chronic problems with watering due to the lack of electricity.”

“The idea of inventing a non-electric water pumping system was formed in order to solve the farmers’ problems. After almost 200 hours in the making, this system has been built with the ability to store water and generate part of energy and power requirements( 5 KW) have been completed to supply electricity and other necessary expenses,” he added.

“The dimensions of this portable device are 100 by 50 by 100 cm, and uses a 8 bhp gasoline engine which is coupled to a 3 -inch centrifugal pump and also a strap to rotate the generator. When the gasoline engine is started, the pump and generator act in tandem to  produce electricity and pump water, ”Razzaghi explained.

He also declared that it is possible to mass produce of this device with a final unit price of approximately 20 million Iranian Rials (600 USD), as a major step towards alleviating water and power shortages, which are among the most serious issues facing farmers.



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