IUT purifies water using photocatalyst

Monday, June 22, 2015 - 13:50

Researchers in  Isfahan University of Technology have succeeded in making photocatalysts which remove the need for  Ultraviolet (UV) light in the process of water purification and will also reduce the associated costs. These photocatalysts can be used in producing clean fuels as well.

Dr. Mohammad Mohsen Momeni, assistant professor of Isfahan University of Technology  explained, “The purpose of this study was producing photocatalysts which are sensitive to UV and are used to remove certain chemical pollutants from usable wastewater.”

Considering limitations in water resources and the increasing need for efficient consumption and purification of polluted water, an important feature of such photocatalysts is that they can effectively eliminate toxic pollution from sewage.

In addition to the water purification industry and removing persistent organic pollutants, the results of this study will be applied to eliminating gas pollutants and also constructing gas sensors which can be utilized in the Oil and Gas industry. Another use for the synthesized photocatalyst is in converting solar energy into hydrogen and producing clean fuels.

This study has been carried out by Dr. Mohammad Mohsen Momeni and Dr. Yousef Ghayeb, faculty members of Isfahan University of Technology, and Zahra Ghonchegi, M.A. student of chemistry.



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