IAU Slashes Paper Use, Researchers Control Haze Using Nanoclay

Monday, June 29, 2015 - 11:11

IAU researchers in Khorasgan have succeeded in controlling haze using nanotechnology products. This is one of the major achievements of a movement within the university:  to research and promote technology in a way that will allow for green, environmentally-friendly operation, and will help the environment recover from pollution.

“The researchers of Khorasgan Branch have begun to produce nanoclay particles which are sprayed on the surface of the earth, along with a special solution, and can successfully control the haze phenomenon”, said IAU’s research and technology vice-president, Dr. Vasheqani.


According to Azad News Agency (ANA), Vasheqani announced that protecting the environment has, as a research priority, been included in the strategic plans of IAU’s research and technology department.

“Extending the use of solar batteries and a green space irrigation system were other measures taken by IAU to protect the environment”, he added.

Vasheqani also informed of the ongoing plans of the IAU presidency for cutting paper use. “Two measures have been taken in this regard: One is setting up an electronic system for official correspondence, which has started to run in the central office since last year, and will be extended to other branches as well”, he added.

“About a month ago, Dr. Mirzadeh issued a circular to all IAU branches mandating the use of both sides of each paper sheet in printing theses, in order to cut paper use”, emphasized Vasheqani, noting that the environment is a trust presented by God to humankind.



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