Ernesto Hoost’s Presence to Inspire Iranian Kickboxing

Friday, July 24, 2015 - 22:59

The head of the national team organization of the Iranian Martial Arts Federation announced that the legendary kickboxing world champion, Ernesto Hoost, will soon travel to Iran to hold training classes.ernesto-hoost

According to ISCA News Agency, the federation authority, Hossein Abedi,  stated that the four provinces of Mazandaran, Qazvin, Tehran, and Fars will host this K1 world champion from 13th to 19th August (22nd to 28th Mordad).


Regarding the record of Hoost’s presence in Iran, Hossein Abedi said that Hoost came to Iran 5 years ago and held training classes during his 3-day trip. The warm welcome he received from the Iranian people in his previous trip inspired him to accept our invitation for the second time.



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