Vietnam and IAU S&R Universities Boost Scientific Cooperation

Saturday, August 8, 2015 - 12:39

The Vietnamese ambassador, Dr. Neguin Mong Tay, expressed his country’s willingness to further  scientific cooperation with Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch, considering this link to be a new horizon in expanding scientific exchanges between the two countries.

635742903502932003 “The presidents of universities on both sides are influential  in developing academic relationsm, such as exchanging professors and students and offering scholarships,” Dr. Neguin Mong Tay stated in his visit of the Science and Research branch. “Vietnam National University, Hanoi, National Association of Mathematics, and other universities in Vietnam in various majors such as mathematics and biology  have significant capacities in promoting scientific cooperation with the Science and Research branch,” he added. “This university has enjoyed successful scientific communications with numerous European, American, and Asian scientific centers so far and expanding international communications is our top priority,” stated the head of Islamic Azad University, S&R branch, Dr. Ali Abbasspour, in this meeting. Abbasspour also explained that existing different majors such as humanities, engineering, and fundamental sciences can provide actual academic scenarios for exchanging students and professors and also sharing scientific facilities and achievements between two sides. Dr. Seyyed Kamal Sajjadi, head of the international relations department of Islamic Azad University, expressed his hopes that developing relations with Vietnam Universities will lead to mutual exchange of knowledge and technology, tourist attraction, and cooperative production.



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