Living Band-aid Developed by Iranian Researchers

Friday, August 14, 2015 - 13:57

Iranian researchers at the Sharif University of Technology have developed a skin-healing band-aid containing living cells which can be used to treat deep burn wounds and diabetic ulcers.


“This product is placed on the wound like a band aid and contains healthy living incubated cells,” an Iranian researcher, Amir Shamloo, stated in his interview with Mehr News Agency.

Shamloo explained that medicines and requisite cells could be added to the band-aid in order to support the healing process.

“To treat wounds in which the vessels’ tissues have been also damaged, some medicine and stem cells are also added to the band aid to accelerate the angiogenesis process,” he added.

This researcher stated that the product has been tested on animal and  human samples and after completing the process of obtaining permits from Ministry of Health, it will be made commercially available over the next few months.



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