Cancerous Tumors Treated with Nano-radiomedicines

Sunday, August 23, 2015 - 10:33

Researchers of Islamic Azad University have developed laboratory samples of a nano-radiomedicine that can reduce the size of tumors significantly  in an appropriate period of time, without damaging healthy cells.

1798091 “At present, Iran is actively involved in production of various kinds of nano-radiomedicines for use in diagnosis and treatment,” stated Navid Aghaei, the project manager, who described the aim of this project to be devising a treatment method for solid tumors such as those of the breast, liver and prostate.

"Nano-radiomedicines are a combination of nanoparticles and radio isotopes and contain organic and inorganic compounds; injecting these medicines into the site of the tumor will prevent and reduce the the possibility of the tumor extending to other organs, and thus can protect the patient against undesirable radiation exposure to healthy organs."

The manager of this project hopes that producing nano-radiomedicines in Iran can reduce the high costs of importing the medicine for treating patients.



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