Possible Million-Year-Old Vehicle Tracks Found in Turkey

Monday, August 24, 2015 - 16:31

A Russian scientist has claimed that tire tracks that seem to belong to an ancient civilization of about 14 million years ago have been found on the Earth’s surface in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey.


Experts have not yet reached a consensus about this possibility; however, Dr. Alexander Koltypin, geologist and a director of the Natural Science Scientific Research Centre at Moscow`s International Independent University of Ecology and Politology, states that we can assume “ancient vehicles with ‘wheels’ were driven into the soft ground, perhaps while the soil was wet”.


“I think we are seeing the signs of the civilization which existed before the classic creation of this world. Maybe the creatures of that pre-civilization were not like modern human beings,” adds Dr. Koltypin.

Investigations are still ongoing to solve this mystery.



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