Hottest Spot on the Planet is the Lut Desert in Iran

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 19:53

The title of "world`s hottest place" has been claimed by the Lut Desert in Iran where the highest temperature ever measured on Earth stands at about 70˚Celsius (158˚Fahrenheit) in the shade.

61150 As the hottest place on the Earth, the Lut Desert has turned out to be a significant and attractive place for Eco tourists. Lut is a large salt desert in southeastern Kerman in Iran and is the world`s 25th largest desert.

Due to the impracticality of land-based measurements in such a hot region, it has only recently been revealed through analysis of LANDSAT data that Lut is the hottest place on earth.

The satellites recorded a temperature of 69.3°C (156.7°F)—the second highest in the seven-year analysis—in the Shrublands of Queensland in 2013, and a yearly maximum temperature of 66.8°C (152.2°F) was recorded in the Turpan Basin area known as Flaming Mountain in 2008.



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