Rapid Detection of Cancerous Tumors With Nanosensors

Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 13:56

Researchers of a nanotechnology company affiliated with the Advanced Technologies Incubation Center of Tabriz University, have succeeded in designing a scientific model for nanosensors which can enhance the high-quality imaging of cancerous tissues. aaa106484fdadb7eb0752bcbddbfe011fe834cffIn case of completing the tests and also reaching mass production, these nanosensors will be instrumental in detecting breast tumors, even in small dimensions.

Due to the cost and time required by the current equipment of imaging, the priority of this research project is to identify cancerous tumors such as those formed in breast cancer, without requiring advanced clinical equipment. These nanosensors are formed of plasmonic nanoparticles which have been placed with a regular interval from each other. This investigation has been accomplished by the efforts of Ahmad Salman Oqli Khiavi, Farshad Farhadnia, Behzad Naseri, members of Araz Nano Explorers Company, in accompany with professor Arhan Pushkin from Hacettepe University and the result was published in RSC Advances Journal, volume 5, issue 25, 2015, pp 19002-19013.



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