Iran-Europe Companies to Develop Remote Sensing Satellite

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 22:13

Iranian and European companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to produce remote sensing satellite with high resolution imaging. 1804416 According to Mehr News Agency, the head of the Iranian Union of Aerospace Industries, Amin Salari stated that Iranian and European companies have decided to jointly manufacture a remote sensing satellite using the facilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies.

This MoU was signed between Iran`s Sahfa Mahvareh Company and a reputable European firm on the sidelines of the MAKS-2015 Aerospace Exhibition in Russia.

Salari explained:“Based on the agreement, the remote sensing satellite will be jointly designed and built and Sahfa Mahvareh Company will take control of the equipment after it is launched into the space. The MoU should be implemented within two years.”

Remote sensing satellites  acquire information about the earth`s surface and atmosphere using sensors on board airborne (aircraft, balloons) or spaceborne (satellites, space shuttles) platforms.

Various non-military purposes applications of these satellites are in oil and gas exploration, forest monitoring, crisis management, border control, environment and spotting water resources.



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