WiFi-Enabled App-controlled Robot Vacuum unveiled

Monday, September 14, 2015 - 19:44

US-based company, Neato Robotics, has presented its new WiFi-enabled vacuum cleaning robot, billing it the best cleaning robot it has ever designed.


According to Iranian Students` News Agency (ISNA), this vacuum robot, named Botvac Connected, resembles the English letter D in shape, so that it can quickly remove dust and debris from corners.

Botvac Connected works with home Wi-Fi and can be operated right from the user`s smartphone. It uses an easy-to-use mobile application to start, stop, schedule and monitor the vacuuming process.

“Picture this: you’re at work when you learn that unexpected company is on the way to your house,” said Nancy Nunziati, Neato’s vice president of marketing. “You grab your smartphone, access the Neato app and with a couple of taps your Neato robot immediately starts cleaning. Your floors – at least – are clean when your guests arrive,” she added.

Botvac Connected uses a high capacity lithium-ion battery and has two cleaning modes, namely, Eco and Turbo. The former mode is used for a longer, quieter energy-saving cleaning, while the latter for super-powered cleaning with maximum removal.

The device also features a new ultra performance filter that captures  much smaller particles -up to 0.3 microns- than its competitors.

This new technology will be released in coming months and is expected to cost $699.



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