S&R IAU Students Build Air Pollution Monitoring System

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 01:19

Forouzan Faghiri and Alireza Jahangiri, physics students at Science and Research branch of Islamic Azad University, have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a novel app-run air pollution monitoring system.


According to Azad News Agency (ANA),  Faghiri stated that this new device has a higher sensitivity and a lower cost compared to its overseas competitors.

“The hardware of the device is a small box capable of measuring air pollution, smoke, LPG, temperature, and pressure. Measurement results are transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth and are displayed as graphs and charts using an android application,” said Faghiri.

“The portability of the device makes it convenient for use at home, office, or travel. Also, it can be used by the National Meteorological Organization for point to point measurement of urban pollution,” stated Faghiri.

The aforementioned project has been carried out under the guidance of Dr. Houman Akhavan, faculty member of S&R branch of IAU.



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