Iran Facilitates Visa Issuance for Foreign Students

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 13:20

The Ministry of Science has been making focussed efforts to admit more foreign students and provide them with satisfactory conditions.


The long process required for receiving a visa for studying in Iran has always been one of the biggest obstacles for foreign students. On July 27th, Dr. Samad Haj Jabbari, the general director of foreign student affairs, announced that following consultations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visa issuance for foreign students has been facilitated in a way that the time required for their visa to be issued is cut down to at most one week.

Furthermore, on July 29th, Dr. Mohamad Farhadi, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, declared that new targets have been set for admitting foreign students. “About 4500 foreign students enrolled in Iranian universities last year, while the Ministry of Science has targeted a 10,000 admission for this year,” said Farhadi.

Foreign student residence is also another issue to be decided by the Ministry of Science. Living with Iranian families, in an au pair manner,  is one of the proposed choices for foreign girls who study in Iran. The First Deputy of the Minister of Science has stated that trustworthy Iranian families must be identified, so that foreign students, particularly girls, can live with them.



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