IAU, Qom IBO Ink Academic-Educational MoU

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 15:44

Islamic Azad University and Industries and Business Organization of the Qom province have signed research, scientific, and educational Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in order to develop close collaboration between industry and academia and to further cultural, scientific, and educational cooperation between two sides.


In the light of all facilities on both sides such as technical know-how, productivity, manpower, information, experiences and proficiencies, this MoU was signed to create close collaboration between industry and university and also to develop cultural, scientific, and educational cooperation between two sides, Azad News Agency (ANA) reported.

“Developing entrepreneurship and also facilitating and supporting knowledge-based activities, science and technology parks, plans for free science parks, and also expanding research-scientific, educational, and technological cooperations are some of the main common priorities between Iran’s Ministry of Industries and Business and Islamic Azad University,” stated Dr. Mohammad Sallare Kasraee, head of Qom IAU.

Based on this MoU, IAU commits itself to providing short term and also long term workshops to improve the education level of Ministry of Industries and Business` managers and employees.



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