S&R IAU Researchers Produce ZnO Nanofilm Using DPF

Friday, November 6, 2015 - 22:08

Researchers at Science and Research branch of Islamic Azad University have produced nanofilms in a short time and at room temperature. The project mainly focuses on the effect of film thickness on its electrical and optical properties.

Mohamad Taqi Hosein Nejad, researcher and PhD student at the above-mentioned branch, has stated that “using Dense Plasma Focus for producing thin layers of nanofilm has recently caught the attention of researchers all around the world.”

“One of the most unique features of this method is that it removes the need to heat the sub-layer. Furthermore, it produces a layer which has desirable qualities of thickness and cohesion, within a short period of time”, added Hosein Nejad.

This study has been carried out by Hosein Nejad; Marziyeh Shirazi, PhD student of nanotechnology; Professor Mahmoud Ghor’an Nevis, the head of Plasma Physics Research Center of Science and Research branch of Islamic Azad University; and Doctor Mohamad Reza Hanteh Zadeh and Doctor Elham Darabi, faculty members of the above-mentioned branch.


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