IAU President Opens Production Complex in Shahrekord IAU

Friday, November 6, 2015 - 21:19

The president of Islamic Azad University has opened the production complex of IAU, Shahrekord branch during his visit to this city in the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province for the 8th meeting of the IAU board of trustees.

According to Iran Students Correspondents Association (ISCA) report, Dr. Mirzadeh visited technology development center and also achievements exhibition of IAU, Shahrekord branch.

Dr. Mirzadeh began his visit of the city by visiting the war veteran cemetery and paying respects to the martyrs of Shahrekord and the memory of the Iranian heroes of the Iran–Iraq War.

The president of Islamic Azad University also toured Sepahan Flower Elixir, Namad Art Group, Zagros Evin Rayehe, Van diary, and Enekas (Reflection) and spoke with the heads of these centers.

Other production centers affiliated with the IAU Shahrekord branch which were opened by Dr. Mirzadeh in this trip include essence extraction and herbal essences workshops, an edible mushroom farm, and pasteurized dairy processing and pickle plants.

Another important event which was held with the presence of the president of IAU was the groundbreaking ceremony for constructing a tech city in the Shahrekord branch research and educational land; the first phase of the project will become operational in an area of 5 acres.

Various locations within the research and educational field land - including a medicinal herbs collection and organic rainbow trout farm - were also visited by Dr. Mirzadeh.


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